Limited-Time Offer From The Local Internet Marketing Association
Local Marketing Shortcut…
From: Kevin Wilke, Founder and Executive Director
Local Internet Marketing Association
Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly $1.

That’s right…

One. Big. Cash. Dollar.

That’s the “bad news”.
Now For The Good News…
In exchange for this miniscule investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a local marketing professional.

It’s the key to the “Local Marketing Promise Land”… a literal Golden Ticket to be making over $100,000 a year as quickly as possible.

And I’m going to let you have your…


…for just $1.

I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have a question for you…

Do You Have a Mentor?

Somebody who is already making $20,000, or $50,000 or over $100,000 a month in their business?

And they sit you down over coffee and personally tell you how this business REALLY works… the good, the bad, their inner secrets and their greatest failures.

And then every day they are there for you, sharing their wisdom with you like a Star Trek Vulcan Mind-Meld… their knowledge and wisdom and confidence every day is transplanted into your brain.

Every Day They Are Sharing With You, In Detail
  • How they got started in the business.
  • How they got their first clients.
  • And the mistakes they made they wish they knew to avoid (so you can avoid making the same mistakes!!)
  • What they are doing right now to grow their business and to be making $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 a month, (or even over $1 Million a year)
  • What are the best methods they are using today to get HIGH-Value Premium Clients paying at least $1,000 or more a month.
  • What services are they offering and what prices are they charging.
  • How do they manage the operations of their business to keep up with their fast growth.
  • How are they building and managing a team of A Players.
  • And that’s just to name only a few of the areas of wisdom you gleam from them every day. 
Every day you are hearing their story exactly HOW they did it AND they are giving you their BEST Golden Nuggets, advice and tips so you can use them too!

Your confidence will be at an all-time high after they do their “brain-dump” with you.

The very next prospect you talk to that day will be intensely drawn to working with you because you RADIATE a successful mindset and attitude! 

The Secret To Success Is…
My very first mentor passed this onto me…

      “ The more people you surround yourself with who are ALREADY getting the results          you want (the money & time freedom), the faster and easier YOU will get them as            well.

If you are interacting daily with people making over $100,000 in local marketing… then this business will be a lot easier, faster and morefun for you.


If you DO NOT have daily interaction with people making over $100,000 in local marketing…
…then this business will be A LOT HARDER for you.

So I Did Something Most Local Marketers Only Dream Of Doing…

I interviewed 50 of the most successful local marketers in our industry.

Every one of them started from scratch just like you.

And now they are making A LOT more than $100,000 a year in Local Marketing (some over a million a year).

Each in-depth interview feels like that successful Local Marketer is having a coffee and personally sharing just with you their secrets to their success.

Imagine the ideas you will get and the confidence you will have hearing how normal everyday people are living their dreams and making more money then they ever had before because of their local marketing business…

… and how YOU can do it to!

Virtually every aspect of being a successful local marketer is covered in detail in each of these “They Mentor You” interviews.

Here’s A Quick Look At A Couple Of These Interviews…
  • How Kyle Gets 3 to 5 Clients A Week (each of them paying him at least $1,000 or more a month) With The Easiest Service To Sell and Outsource.
  • Myles biggest insights from running over 3,000 local marketing campaigns for clients.
  • How Landon was able to get started FAST and is now making over $40,000 a month in recurring income and have A LOT of free time to spend with his wife and 4 kids (while living in a small town in Oklahoma!)
  • How Chandler went from a chiropractor turned Local Marketing Consultant and shares all of his insider secrets to approaching "Medical" businesses.
  • How Chris was able to build a local marketing business doing OVER $1 Million a year in less then 2 years!
  • How Vanessa, a single mom with 4 kids, used a couple quick, simple and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Client Getting Methods and made $27,000 in her first 30 days.
  • All the lessons Scott learned scaling up a $100 Million local marketing sales team (and step by step how he was able to do it.)
  • How Hung Le, a physical trainer with no internet experience, was able to get his first 22 clients (each paying over $1,000 a month) in less than 6 months while still working at his full-time job!
  • How Ryan created a Million Dollar Local Marketing Lifestyle Business that gives him the freedom to travel the world while running his business.
  • How Lowell is able to dominate the most lucrative local niches.
  • How Kevin is generating over $100,000 a week in new business for his cosmetic surgeon clients (and getting a % of all the revenue!)
  • Plus 38 more “They Mentor You” Interviews!
Get All 50 “They Mentor You” Interviews For Just $1!
You see, each month I do a new one of these “Local Marketing Superstar” interviews.
They are a small component of our Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA for short) Silver Plus monthly membership.

And, as a “bribe” to take a test drive of LIMA Silver Plus this month and let us show you how valuable it is for you and your business, you can have immediate access to all 50 interviews for just $1 today.

As a LIMA Silver Plus Member 
You Receive…

1) The Association’s Seal Of Approval And Member’s Profile Page

This is an official Association for legitimate, ethical local online marketers that gives you the credibility and legitimacy business owners are used to being a part of in their own business.

And as a member in good standing with the Local Internet Marketing Association you can use its official Seal Of Approval at your website, on your business cards, brochures and flyers and in your presentations.

This gives you instant credibility and will make it easier to sign up clients.

Plus it comes with your own official Member Page at the Local IMA website publicly proving your membership. 

2) Monthly Association Print Newsletter

Our team at the Local Internet Marketing Association scours the internet to stay on top of what’s happening RIGHT NOW with local online marketing.

Then they condense this down into the essentials of everything you need to know to stay up to date.

This would literally take you 40 long, grueling hours a month to try and do it on your own. Now, with the monthly L.I.M.A. newsletter you will always know the latest news, breakthroughs and what’s REALLY working so you can use it too.

Also In Each Print Newsletter Are…
• Advanced methods for getting clients fast (even super-lucrative high-paying clients).

• New high-demand services you can provide your clients to dramatically increase the value you are offering each month (and charge premium prices.)

• Even brand new, super lucrative local online marketing business models you can use.

• Plus pages of jaw-dropping tips, secrets and strategies you can immediately put to use.

This is a newsletter you will drop everything and read from beginning to end, TWICE as soon as it arrives each month.

With the Local Internet Marketing Association membership, you will quickly become a local marketing genius, and constantly amazing your clients on your knowledge and ability to get more and more customers for them.

3) Monthly Association Audio CD “Local Marketing Superstar” Interview
Plus, you also get the monthly audio training CD where you get to listen to the newest Local Marketing Superstar interview every month.

You are going to wear out each of these monthly audio CDs as you extract every gold nugget of wisdom from them. 

4) Monthly Lucrative Local Niche Report
Every month you will receive a new "Niche Report" giving you a proven, high-value, lucrative local niche that meets the 2 key criteria of high customer values and high search volume.

And each report includes… 

• All the keyword research for both SEO and PPC for that niche. (You can hit the ground running FAST to get clients in any of these niches.)

• The industry's most common products, services and customer values.

• Industry research, resources, most popular websites and the top associations.

Use these to find the perfect highly lucrative local niches for you! 

5) Monthly Done-For-You Client Newsletter
Every month we give you a pre-written client (or prospect) newsletter you can use to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Use this to stay "top-of-mind awareness", tell them about special promotions or new products, encourage referrals and more.

Just insert your company information and its ready to use. And since you receive it in Word, Text and PDF format you can easily edit and update it to git your own unique style.

6) Two Monthly Live Coaching and Training Webinars 
Every other week you can attend one of our coaching and training webinars where we cover a specific topic and also open it up for live coaching and Q&A. Or, if you can't attend live, you can listen to the recording in the LIMA Learning Center.

One is all about creating automation and systems in your local marketing business so you can grow and scale it while creating more freedom and success. 

The second I share the biggest breakthroughs from my own local marketing agency... from how we do Facebook ads, how we identified our Ideal Client and changed our marketing to only target them, how we follow up with leads to convert them into phone appointments and a whole lot more.

7) Member’s Only Learning Library & Resource Center

You also receive access to over 3 dozen of the past training modules and all of the resources we have created for LIMA members.

Training from getting clients, to running and scaling your operations, the mindset to be successful, following up with prospects, the sales process and more.

Some of the training modules includes… 

• How to get clients from Linkedin.
• How to get clients from networking events.
• How to local clients into 12 month contracts.
• How to get clients from Centers of Influence and referrals.
• The best direct mail letter ever to get clients with.
• The Mindset to Local Online Success.
• The Business Model of Successful Local Marketers.
• How to create a “Weekly Rhythm” with a weekly meeting.
• How to discover your strengths and use them for maximum results.
• How to maximize your client retention.
• How to use unpaid (or paid) interns to grow your business.

And some of the resources you have access to are… 

• Proven phone scripts
• Marketing brochures, flyers and business cards
• Website review checklists
• Proposal and contract templates
• Client Questionnaire template
• Overcoming Objections with the top objections and how to overcome them worksheet

8) Point & Click Graphics Generator

Use this simple point and click online graphics generator to instantly create high quality graphical headlines, guarantees, buttons and boxes for your websites.

No need to learn complicated graphics software or pay expensive designers to create these great looking graphics. 

9) Your $250 “Cash Like” Bonus

Over the past 5 years of being in this business, the #1 BEST and most powerful marketing, sales and credibility tools you can have is authoring your own book on local online marketing.

We are trained our entire lives that an author of a published book is an expert. 

In people's minds, it's "Beyond Question"!

Your 4 Biggest Benefits Of Having Your Own Book…

1) Gives You Instant Credibility In The Eyes Of Your Prospects (Especially If Its Niche Focused)

2) Shortens The Sales Cycle – Will Take Significantly Less Time From Getting a Prospect To Becoming Your Client & Paying You Cash

3) You Will Get More Clients While Charging Premium Prices – Close More Deals At Higher Prices

4) Removes Objections So They Never Even Come Up, Even If You're Brand New

And our Easy Button Book program has turned over 250 local marketers into instant experts as the author of their own book.

We literally do 100% of the work for you, from writing the book, creating the graphics, editing it and publishing it. Then each copy only costs you less then $3 each.

And we are giving you a $250 credit, good for the next 6 months, to be used towards our Easy Button Program whenever you are ready to have this #1 sales, marketing and credibility tool to get more premium paying clients faster. 

Super Bonus #1:
ALL The Past Issues

You saw above, as a LIMA member, you also receive a 12 page monthly newsletter put together by our expert team of local marketers.

Every month members up to $99.95 to receive this content packed newsletter to keep you up to date with new tips, tricks and strategies. 

And for your $1 we are going to give you instant access to ALL of the past issues as well. 

That’s 50 issues and over 1,200 pages of content rich wisdom sitting at your fingertips. 

Super Bonus #2:
The 50 BEST Local Niches

Second, you will receive 50 detailed reports on the 50 best niches we have found for local marketing so you find your perfect local niche.

Every niche is a proven, high-value, lucrative local niche that meets the 2 key criteria of high customer values and high search volume.

And each report includes… 

• All the keyword research for both SEO and PPC for that niche. (You can hit the ground running FAST to get clients in any of these niches.)

• The industry's most common products, services and customer values.

• Industry research, resources, most popular websites and the top associations.

Use these to find the perfect highly lucrative local niches for you!  

If you were to hire somebody to identify, research and compile this for you, each one would cost you $250 – that’s $12,500 in real value and savings for you. 

Super Bonus #3:
The Entrepreneurial Operating System
$2,000 Workshop

Third you are getting one of the most important trainings we did, it's a step-by-step workshop on how to grow an entrepreneurial driven business.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is THE BEST method I’ve seen to run and grow a business, even if its just you or a team of 50 or 500. It’s how I run my own local agency, and practically all of my closest business friends use the EOS model as well.

This was a $2,000 virtual workshop
we did with the #1 facilitator in the country for EOS. And with this bonus you are getting instant access to the entire workshop recording and workbook.

And this is a true workshop, every step of the way you are implementing the process as you learn it. By the time you finish you will already have done the majority of the work!

You Are Getting It ALL… 
  • All 50 “They Mentor You” Interviews with Local Marketing SuperStars INSTANT download.
  • The Official Association Seal of Approval and Member Profile page.
  • This month’s LIMA print newsletter pdf download.
  • This month’s LIMA audio interview mp3 download.
  • This month's Lucrative Local Niche Report. 
  • This month's Done-For-You Client Newsletter.
  • This month's Two Monthly Live Coaching and Training Webinars.
  • Access to the ENTIRE LIMA Learning Library and the Marketing & Resource Download Center.
  • The Point & Click Graphics Generator online software.
  • The $250 “Cash Like” Credit for our Easy Button Book program. 
You Get It ALL – For 2 Weeks - For Just $1
That’s right…

Your investment today is just $1…

I May Be Crazy…But I’m Not Stupid
It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I’m not getting rich giving away my best stuff for just $1.

My sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok, too.

Just cancel before the 2 weeks are up, and you’ll never be charged.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our special rate of just $39.95 a month.

It’s a paltry sum…

…especially when compared to what you’ll make when you implement just one of the ideas you see above.

In fact, I’ll make you a deal…

If you aren’t able to make enough during your first month to cover your investment in LIMA Silver Plus for at least the next two years, I’ll insist that you bow out and look for help somewhere else.

And you can always cancel your membership anytime, just let us know at

You can even keep all 50 of the “Local Marketing SuperStar Interviews” as my gift for giving us a try.

Again, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to have.
So click the Add to Cart button below, and let’s get started…
Start My 14-Day Trial
of LIMA Silver Plus
See you on the inside,

Kevin Wilke
Founder and Executive Director
Local Internet Marketing Association

This goes without saying, but this $1 offer won’t be available for long, and it won’t return anytime soon when it does go away.

So join right now while it’s fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active).

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